is a bi-annual hotspot happening in NYC. NDC brings to the public imagination the utterly enticing and moving fusion of commercial, contemporary and fine arts.  The NDC series is a growing platform for the new and noteworthy in dance media and presents the latest in dance, storytelling and digital design. 







are pushing boundaries in this newly evolving form and range from choreographers to directors working with dance, film and exciting new techniques in digital media. From first time filmmakers to pros, we welcome the flood of new talent and genres rising all around us.  We also look forward to featuring our first student filmmaker into the mix.


is a film series and performance event that showcases directors on the forefront of cinematic dance. From all corners of the globe, New Dance Cinema taps into the new and exciting ways that directors and choreographers are conceiving movement on film and telling stories in ways that only the body can tell.






is an immersive experience that brings dance on and off the screen.  Get ready for a whole new viewing experience presented in a eclectic atmosphere of live music, performance, multiple screens and conversations with creators.  NDC will move you and make you move!