New Dance Cinema is a growing platform that supports filmmakers and dance makers in creating the next wave of surreal cinema.  From the humorously quirky, global groove to the dark and dramatic personal feat, NDC supports new initiatives to combine movement, media, arts and entertainment.  Be a part of this growing phenomenon that is hitting everywhere from Youtube to Lincoln Center and making its way to theater near you.


Donations are 100% tax deductible and are used for production costs and marketing.  These funds not only support our programs and all of the filmmakers involved, but are paramount in furthering  new initiatives and techniques in the fields of dance and film.   Special consideration can be made for allocations on a case by case basis. 

Opportunities for partnership include:

- Presenting Partner                                 - Branded Awards for Filmmakers

- Student Filmmaker Initiatives                - Branded Contests and Commissions

- Event Promotions                                   - Product Placements

- Social Media Marketing and PR            - VIP Access

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At New Dance Cinema we love building our community and sharing the love. If it's ok with you we like to brag about the amazing folks who inspire us with their generosity and focused efforts. Please let us know if you like to have you or your organization's name floating around in the ether or if you prefer to be a stealth operator.