TERMS and CONDITIONS for Submitting

to New Dance Cinema


By submitting your film to NEW DANCE CINEMA, you agree with all terms and conditions as outlined in all offline and online festival documentation, online submission processes, processing fees, and subsequent correspondence.


1. CONTENT. You and/or your organization own and/or is entitled to use of all of your submitted content.


2. MARKETING. You allow A+ Productions and New Dance Cinema full use of your film's footage and images for promotional purposes.  You also agree to withdraw your film from any online viewing platform from August 15th, 2015 until September 19th, 2015.  If selected, you will link to A+ Productions Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages and commit no less than three social media postings leading up to the event. 


3. REVIEWING PROCESS. You fully understand that by submitting your film to NDC, you are submitting your film for CONSIDERATION and REVIEW. Every submission will be kept in the NDC archives and may be used for future marketing purposes.


4. RESPONSES. Applicants will be notified via email if their film is accepted. Also, the filmmaker(s)’s name and film title will be posted on the festival’s web-site. Festival organizers have the right not to notify denied applicants if there is a large volume of submissions. It is the filmmaker(s)’s responsibility to check the web-site, all correspondence, emails or other electronic notifications (e-newsletter, twitter, facebook and instagram) to verify approval or denial of selection. All filmmakers are strongly encouraged to sign-up for the NDC e-newsletter and connect to NDC social media accounts to find out who and which film has been accepted.


5. SUBMISSION ELIGIBILITY. Meeting the eligibility requirements for submissions does NOT guarantee that your submission will be one of the films screened at the festival; however, it does guarantee that your film will be reviewed by the organizer(s).


6. PAYMENTS & REFUNDS. There are no refunds for submissions. The fees requested are PROCESSING & REVIEWING FEES and are a small payment for the time needed to file, document, transport, review and archive a film. Payment of fees does NOT guarantee that your submission will be one of the films screened at the festival.


7. SECURITY & PRIVACY. NDC does NOT share your personal, financial or identifying information with any third-parties; however, it is your responsibility to read PayPal’s privacy and security policy to familiarize yourself with it.


8. PREVIOUS FILMMAKERS. Previously accepted filmmakers –that is, a filmmaker who was notified that their film was selected and their film was scheduled in an NDC festival program– do not have to pay fees, unless the submission is late. EVERYONE IS REQUIRED TO PAY LATE FEES.


9. FORFEITING ACCEPTANCE. If your film is accepted and you do NOT want it screened (e.g., you have confirmed a distribution deal and screening will undermine the terms), then you must notify the festival organizers no later than three weeks before the festival date.


10. TRAVEL and ACCOMMODATIONS.  Though A+ Productions and New Dance Cinema may offer to assist in making travel and accommodation arrangements, the said organizations are not responsible for securing or covering costs for travel.


11. FAILURE TO MEET TERMS. A+ Productions and New Dance Cinema reserves the right to withdraw any film from the program any previously accepted film should the film/filmmaker/organization fails to meet with all of the printed terms and conditions, and/or personal agreements. In the event that a film is withdrawn from the program no fee will be refunded.